Monday, November 12, 2012

Public recording of a bet on a carbon tax

Melody Bomgardner and Alex Tullo have a blog on cleantech at C&EN's Central Science called "Cleantech Chemistry." She wrote this about the post-election results:
Perhaps most fascinating to me, though also the most far-fetched, is discussion about whether the fiscal cliff, tax reform, and the deficit will drive Congress to think about introduchng a carbon tax. Hmmmm…
I found this interesting, but hard to believe. I have publicly bet Melody that this will not happen:
How's this: if Obama, Reid or Boehner (not their staffs) mention a carbon tax (not cap/trade) as a revenue source between now and Labor Day 2013, I will send you the coffee mug (or other sub-$20 item) of your choice. 
She has agreed, and if it doesn't happen, I will get a C&EN coffee mug, or some other swag.  

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