Thursday, November 1, 2012

Daily Pump Trap: 11/1/12 edition

Good morning! Between October 30 and October 31, 30 positions were posted on the C&EN Jobs. Of these, 9 (30%) were academically connected and 18 (60%) were from Kelly Scientific Resources.

Ugh: Recently, it seems that there are more chemical engineering positions than chemist positions. Certainly, today, when there were 3 positions posted, one of them was for a chemical engineer.

Orange, TN: Invista is a polymer/fiber company; they're looking for a B.S. chemist to be a lab technician. 2+ years laboratory experience, experience with high-pressure equipment desired.

Richland, WA: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is looking for an Ph.D. analytical chemist to be a postdoctoral fellow (must be within 5 years post-graduation.) Program is "focused on the nuclear forensics applications of functionalized nanoscale materials. This position is responsible for collaboratively developing trace level organic and inorganic methods using advanced materials and methods." Hmmmm.

A broader look: Monster, Careerbuilder, Indeed and show 276, 685, 2567 and 11 positions for the search term "chemist."

That said...: It looks like the Army Research Laboratory is taking CVs for chemists (and other scientists with M.S. degrees or higher.) 

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